Unboxing and reviewing the Aliexpress die cutting machine

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Hello there ! I have proceeded to review the Aliexpress die cutting machine. Unboxing it on camera was so much fun ! You can watch the video right here, eventhough it’s in arabic you can still see how the machine performs with different types of dies. Plus you will see what kind of work I did with it.

Are you interested in english videos ? If so, leave me a comment and I’ll make it work (if enough people are interested).

You may also find links to the materials I use below (tested myself). When a product is out of stock, sometimes the vendor changes the listing on the same link, therefore if you see a different product compared to the photo I have provided on this page, please let me know via comment or message and I will make the proper modifications. Thanks ! 🙂

In fact if you are interested in shopping low cost products I made an article on how to navigate Aliexpress website and my tips for finding the best products to buy.

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