MINISO haul in Morocco

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I’ve been really rethinking my entire life lately. And although I do not know where to begin with if I had to talk about it here, I can already say that I feel burried under the piles and piles of STUFF ! Just stuff… everywhere I go there are inanimate objects that suck the happiness out of me. I CAN’T.DO.THIS.ANYMORE. Therefore I massively decreased my shopping during the last months. Honestly it makes the few things I got that much more valuable. So here’s my latest shopping spree at MINISO in Tangier.

I literally had a crush on that coloring book. It looks so good with the golden details on the cover. I like the inside pages as well, fairely detailed so I can enjoy good sessions of mindless coloring. And yes.. I am a child at heart !

I also got two other coloring books, but I must admit they are not as nice as the previous one. Maybe a decent present for a kid ?! I don’t know .. I’ll give them away to a child that would enjoy it more that I would. On the plus size they have loads of blank pages at the end to draw on. I thought it was fun.

I got this small mirror and it’s beauuutiful.

Cotton disks for make-up removal. They’re good. Not super great, but good .. and cheap.

A set of two notebooks. The cover is just gorgeous and it’s what sold me on those !

Two card kits. Unfortunately there weren’t many choices. I wish I could have more colors and more designs !

Two sticker sets. Super cute !

A Rubik’s cube, that turns sideways.. say whaaat ! I admit I have a weird obsession over these cubes since I was a child. And somehow it felt good getting one again.

And lastly I got this plastic to-go cup and it’s been VERY pratical ! I’ve been using it everyday eversince. Just don’t fill it to the top, because it’s not sealed, other than that it’s been holding my drinking water and it’s great !

There were tons of pretty and practical things in there too. And I have enjoyed every second of my visit to the store. It is located in the Socco Alto mall in Tangier.

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See ya soon !