Aliexpress haul #2 : check out this gear for videos !

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Hi there ! I just got my latest Aliexpress order and I was suuuuper excited to show off my new gear. Which would come in handy for any blogger or youtuber that’s just starting out.

1. Self-healing cutting mat (A3)

And it’s massive ! This is the first time I ordered something this big, and I must say, the seller did a good job packaging it. I took a size A3, the biggest they have. I have just received it today, and should be able to tell over usage how it reacts to a sharp blade. But I did test it already and I can say, it’s good quality. It has a bit of a smell though. I am waiting 24h before installing it on my desk.

Here’s the link to the one I got. It’s been delivered in 6 weeks to morocco.

2. Flexible GorillaPod tripod

I have been on the lookout for a GorillaPod for so long I can’t even remember when. And I have to say that this kit is a great deal. It’s robust, flexible and it has two mounts for GoPro and smartphones. Also, there’s this level thingy (the green water) that allows for a perfectly straight camera.

Here’s the Aliexpress link ! 

3. Lavalier Microphone

I’ve been thinking about making videos, but it was absolutely no question to make a cringe-worthy-bad-sound youtube video. I mean .. NO ! So I thought I’d give this mic a try, and I LOVE it ! Here’s an image of the beast (seller’s pic) :

Aaaand of course here’s an Aliexpress link. Because you deserve what’s best my lovelies !  It’s inexpensive, and I have tested it, the sound is better than decent. And the good news is that you can use it with your smartphone (which I did !).

If you are a young (and possibly new) youtuber, my advice to you is BUY IT ! It IS worth your while.

4.Bullet journal

You may know of my love for anything organizing related (yet my place is a sad mess.. go figure). In this previous article, I had showed you how to simply decorate your journal using washi tape and demonstrated the use of stamps as cool looking trackers. By yours truely <3 Let’s not talk about the magnificent leuchtturm1917 that I simply could not find in Morocco.

Since then, I’ve been dreaming of having a REAL bullet journal. Until I found THIS beauty on Aliexpress. I got a dotted size A5 and boy is it delectable <3 …. the cover is hard and robust which makes it feel very expensive. Its black is super dark and the paper feels sooo nice. And with that new-book smell… I casually stuff my face in it more than I care to admit.

5. Silicone molds

Look at this cuuuuute little molds. I got them on an impulse because I’ve been fantasizing about making fancy cakes but apparantly I like eating them more than making them… Nah ! JK , I DO like making them, and I WILL !

And here’s a link, they are all from the same seller. They got delivered on time (less than 2 months), and free of charge.

There you have it ! My latest Aliexpress finds. You may also check out my previous haul. If you liked this post, please like my facebook page (pretty please). I’d love to see you over there as well !

See ya soon !