DIY wall art : an IKEA hack !

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I wanted to show off this IKEA hack I thought of for a few weeks now. If you know me IRL, you must know I am a super fan of lettering and calligraphy ! I made this custom bookmark and then I wanted one for my red wall, but I am not the most talented to make smooth oversized calligraphic quotes. There are TONS of quotes on the internet, and so I used a lamp from IKEA with a smooth top (LAMPAN), as a light table.. genius right ?! I mean, I know, I am really proud of myself on this one <3

ikea hack wall art
Here’s how you too can DIY wall art of your own :

1.Use Google Images to select a calligraphy you like. The ideal would be black text over white background so it could be seen clearly over the light of the lamp. Here’s what I chose :1.Print the quote, and position it under the paper your are going to write on. Use painter’s tape or washi tape to stick it in place without damaging the paper. Make sure it is well centered before moving to the next step.

2.Put the entire thing on top of the LAMPAN lamp and turn it on. And BOOM there you have an awesome IKEA hack ! For some reason I always find myself in need of a small light table but I am too lazy to actually get one… This works amazing ! You will see the quote clearly over the lamp, isn’t it awesome !  ^^ Now trace over it with a pencil.

3.Once you are done, write over the pencil mark with a fine point black gel pen. Wait 1-2 minutes to dry before erasing the pencil marks.

4.At this point you can choose to keep it outlined like that, or fill it. Use a large point pen to make the process easier.

5.Finally, I added a flower wreath that I drew by hand using floral and leaf shapes. Like I did in this planner I posted before.

I like that it’s monochromatic over my bright red wall. But if you want, you can actually color it using coloring pencils. Or, use paint or watercolor but in this case you need to paint it first. Because the markers rarely have waterproof ink and you don’t wanna smudge that beautiful piece of art !

ikea hack wall art

Also, this frame is from IKEA too (UNG DRILL). And no, I am NOT sponsored by IKEA 😀 I just love their products <3

Finally, here’s a great hack if you want to hang a frame that need 2 screws : use painter’s tape (or washi) by positioning it over the entire width starting and ending at the holes. Mark them with a pen.

Then transfer this piece of tape over the wall, and make sure it’s leveled and positionned where you want it. Then all you need is to drill over the marks you’ve made, and voilà ! Easy !

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