DIY mini notebook : upcycle unused planner pages

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Hello !

It’s the end of the year and I am upcycling planners and old notebooks into new cuter ones, how fun ! You too can use the leftover pages and get yourself a cute little notebook to put in your car or your purse.

Start by deciding how you are cutting your page depending on the layout. Try and maximize writing space.

To make life easier, I use masking tape on my work surface to get a clear idea of the dimensions I need to cut out. Please note that this manual method makes somewhat of a messy final result because the pages are never the exact same size. But I don’t mind. I like how easy this is, and I admit I have an obsession for cutting paper !

Use white paper/wood glue on what’s going to be the upward side. Put it between two cardboard pieces and leave it to dry. I put a weight on it during this process.

At this point I use two methods for finishing it all up. For the first one just cut some leftover cardstock (upcycled packaging) and fold it in a way that it sandwiches the notebook. Apply glue and the bottom and the side. Leave the top unglued so you can easily tear the pages as you go.

For the second method, I upcycled a watercolor I made and posted on my Instagram (Libelog). By the way, if you want to get more content you can follow me on IG 😉

I cut a long stripe that would go around 3 sides of my notebook : top + side (with the glue) + back . Glue to the notebook and leave the top part unglued.

There you have it ! I just added a “mini notebook” label by hand. I looooooove it so much ! It’s so handy when it comes to needing just one small piece of paper to write on.

Thanks for the visit. I hope you enjoy your days and have a wonderful new year. I you have liked this, please like my facebook page for more inspo. Plus I would love to see you there and hear from you 🙂 Tag me if you make your very own upcycled notebook.