DIY kitchen organizer

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Hi there !

I don’t know about you, but I am still struggling to set up an effective organization system in my kitchen. One of the most used shelves is the one that holds all my parchment, foil, freezer bags, etc… I just throw them in there and it’s always a mess ! I made this little upcycled organizer (using sturdy IKEA packaging), and I must say, it’s really handy.

I must admit I am not happy with the end result as I see LOTS of imperfections ! It’s a trial and error process. After I tried a few times before I no longer have cardboard left and I thought I’d share my experience with you. Especially the things that I would do differently if I had to make it again.


I used the following :

  • A piece of cardboard (please see the sketch below for measurements)
  • Enough cardboard to make the inserts
  • Fabric : one piece for the exterior box, and matching fabric to cover all of the inserts
  • Pencil
  • Ruler and/or tape measure
  • Paper cutter or X-acto knife, pair of scissors, white glue, glue stick


I started with a sketch of the final box (20x20x27 cm). Which makes the cardboard piece a width of 27 cm, and a length of four times the final side (4×20 cm = 80 cm).


Please note that the orientation is key here. You see the grooves inside the cardboard (picture below)? They should be parallel with the dotted lines in the sketch above. Because that’s where we are going to mark into to make dented lines.

TRICK : here’s the trick, you need to count the total number of grooves in the big cardboard piece and divide by 4 sides. Because all of the sides should be the very same length. In my case I had 31 grooves in each side (the grooves are indicated in the picture below with the red arrows). I got inspired with the technique used in my favorite youtube channel : kikomoda.


I covered the cardboard with a floral fabric I had in my stash. After deciding which side is going to sit on the bottom, I started glueing the fabric from there and tried my best to have smooth finishes all around.


TRICK : I used clothespin to hold the fabric and set the box to the side while it dries, but they were too tight and pushed into the grooves. I recommend being gentle with the cardboard as it has to have crisp edges in the end result.

Make the inserts by using the same folding technique as shown above. But be sure to check every step of the way that they fit inside the box before covering them with fabric. 


Glue on the folded edges and flip the cardboard piece onto the fabric. Then glue the fabric at the other side. Let it dry before handling.


TRICK : I started gluing everything wth the white glue (I had it handy), but it makes a mess on the fabric. I found myself with a with glue spot on one of the inserts that couldn’t remove. I tried the glue stick and it works awesome on the fabric. I used the white glue on the cardboard instead.


TRICK : please make sure to iron the fabric before applying. I didn’t! .. Now I have wrinkles inside and out. Learn from my mistakes folks lol

And there you have it, my little DIY organizer in the kitchen.


Thank you for visiting my blog, I hope to see you again around here. Also, please like my facebook page for more exclusive ideas 🙂