DIY custom bookmark : fun and easy activity with the kids

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If you find yourself with spare time and no idea what to do with your kids, here’s a fun DIY for you : make custom bookmarks. I love making these ! It’s a good inspiration when I look at my favorite quotes on them. It’s also a great gift for a book lover. I mean, think about it, bookmarks are awesome ! The corners of the pages stay intact. You can leave the quote part blank so that they’d fill it with a words of their choosing.

I got my supplies from Aliexpress, Except for the paper. Also, I have already written a blog post about the 5 steps for a successful shopping experience on to make your life easier. Every item I got on Aliexpress is linked below :

  • Watercolor paper (I am using Canson cold pressed 300g/m²)
  • Transparent floral stamp set
  • An acrylic block
  • Black ink pad  (here are the links for n° 2 , and n° 3  that I have actually used because it has a deeper black)

NOTE : if you are not familiar with transparent stamps, they are Ah-maaazing ! I prefer them to regular wooden rubber stamps, because I can actually see where they’re positionned. Plus they stick and peel easily. If you do not have an acrylic block, you may use a CD case instead (the transparent plastic side).

Here’s the tutorial for the custom bookmarks

1.Cut down the paper into bookmark size. The standard size is 5.2 x 14.8 cm.

2.Stick the chosen floral stamp on the block, and apply ink. If the ink gets on the block, I’d erase it using a disposable cloth or something, just so it doesn’t stain your beautifully textured paper.

3.Apply stamp in a pattern of your choice. You can either position the quote vertically or horizontally.

Marque page customisé

4.Select the quote that makes you happy. I use Google images for that. Here’s the one I chose (click on it to go to the source page) :

Trace the quote with a pencil, and when you are happy with the positionning, you can then write over it with a fine point black pen.

Marque page customisé

If you want to achieve a faux calligraphy look, all you need to do is to thicken up the lines according to your picture of reference. Or alternatively, you can write the text you want and then retrace over the “downstrokes”. Click here to read an article about this process,

Wait a little bit until the ink dries and erase the pencil lines you have made before. At this point your bookmark is finished. You can either keep the entire thing black and white, or color it using regular coloring pencils.

Marque page customisé

And there you have it ! A beautiful little custom bookmark holding an inspiring quote.
Marque page customisé

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