DIY Cupcake stand

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This is probably the most basic DIY E-V-A-H ! And I don’t even care that it was trending like a year ago .. haha .. But hey, this is the most genius idea for having food displays on budget. I mean, look at it, this is too cute ! And the good news is you can customize it however you like. Planning a Frozen themed for ya little girl, make it white and blue, boom ! There ya go ! … you’re welcome 😉

Here’s the video right here (in arabic). It’s pretty self-explanatory, but if you would like me to make english audio I totally can do that, just let me know in the comments below and I’ll make it happen. Here you go : 

You need the following :

  • Upcycled cardboard (with no ink stamped on it and no adhesive)
  • A few round objects laying around your house, to trace out perfect circles
  • Food safe paper doilies
  • Empty, clean and dry cans
  • All-purpose glue, hot glue gun, cissors, X-acto knife, ribbon, crepe paper

Start by tracing out circles in the cardboard, and glue two or three circles of the same size to make the levels sturdier. Finish the borders with a ribbon of crepe paper, and optionnaly some fabric ribbon.

I cut out the center of the doilies to make room for the empty cans but that was a bad idea ! It does not look good at all. I would rather glue the doily on the cardboard, and then glue the can on top.

Cover the  cans with crepe paper using the glue gun so that the paper wouldn’t bleed. Also, for food usage I would cover every can with cellophane or use a different type of paper, because crepe paper bleeds into anything wet it gets in touch with ! 

The lower can should be wider as to ensure proper balance for the entire thing. We wouldn’t want those delicious cupcakes to tip over now would we 😉

Glue the cardboard, the doilies, the cans and then finish the lower circle with lace. I would just use regular fabric lace as it’s cheap and easily available.

Also, I have used a die that gives out the most delicate lace effect, it’s so cool check it by clicking here.

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