Cookies oats and banana : a delicious healthy alternative for sweet tooths

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Hi there ! The recipe I am sharing with you today is my ultimate favorite. Carefully crafted to accomodate my (very) sweet tooth. It needs only a few ingredients and you can use up whatever you have around. It’s an awesome and healthy alternative for us sweet tooths ! I mean, when I crave something super sweet and decadent this is my go-to. You may even make it more healthy by omitting a few ingredients like chocolate. You may have that for breakfast then, guilt free and you stay full the entire morning I guarantee !

You may be familiar with the concept : you know, energy balls that we see around on the internet. I wanted to share that nonetheless because this recipe has saved many of my craving episodes and even my mornings. It’s super quick to make : barely 15 minutes total !

You’ll need :

  1. One ripe banana
  2. Optional : vanilla extract
  3. One cup of quick oats
  4. Unsweetened cocoa
  5. Brown sugar. Or honey. Or agave syrup. Or no sugar whatsoever. You decide really !
  6. Chocolate chips, or roughly chopped up chocolate. Bitter is better ! It elevates the cookie.
  7. Pitted dates
  8. Nuts of choice : I usually use almonds or a mix of whatever I have
  9. One fork and one plate !

Turn on the oven (medium heat). Mash the banana. Add all ingredients except the oats. Mix well. Add the oats. Mix until it’s all incorporated. Form balls or random shapes and bake 10 minutes. Easy !

Let it cool down 5 minutes before eating. Or make them at night and store them in the fridge for breakfast or a snack over the course of the day. They easily go in a zip lock bag and you can carry them around the office.

I am never bored with this recipe ! When I say you can use whatever, I mean WHATEVER you want : raisins, other nuts, shredded coconut, marzipan, ..

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