Aliexpress haul #1

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Hi there !

I don’t know about you but I am addicted to ! It carries almost everything you can think of, and the prices are generally lower than other places. I order very often and I thought I’d share what I have received (Morocco), and review some of the products. I’ll link every item underneath the pictures below. I will soon share all the details about my (long) experience on Aliexpress.


1. Stickers :

For scrapbooking and customization, I got two paquets of stickers. I LOVE the one with the botanical painting.




2. Miniature tea set

For my miniature collection, I got this very delicate tea set, that I absolutely love. It looks very life-like and the quality is great. I am super happy about it. So cuuute <3


Miniature tea set

3. Metallic watercolor set

I love making cards and I use watercolor for faint backgrounds and interesting effects on paper. I will also use watercolor for lettering and calligraphy, especially with my new water brushes (see below). I ordered this metallic watercolor brush (Gansai Tambi/Kuretake), it looks so cool, I can’t wait to try it. I’ll also link below a YouTube video that reviews the set.


Metallic watercolor set

4. Water brushes

I FINALLY got my own water brush set (I got a set of 3 different tips). Specifically for watercolor and lettering. I’ll also link a YouTube video that explains how they work.


Water brushes 

There you go, a haul of four Aliexpress finds that I love. Thank you for visiting my blog, I hope to see you around here soon for more Aliexpress related content (this website is awesome!). Also, I am on Facebook and I would LOVE for you to give me a little like, that would mean a lot 🙂