If you’re reading this, you must be curious as to who is behind the blog Libellule.co . Introducing me,  myself and I : a young(ish) moroccan passionate about loads of crafty little things. I wanted to share a piece of my universe with you, sharing my little finds and creative ideas.

I like all craft related activites, which is a bit broad as a definition (and I LOVE it !) : paper creations, scrapbooking, organizers out of upcycled carboard and fabric and cute (and easy) little miniatures and baking.

I also like to share my vegeterian meals, eventhough they mostly are not that “light” or diet, but I do love vegetables and try to incorporate them as much as I can in every meal.

Here are a few of my recent DIYs (which you can find on the blog)  :

And also a few of my Instagram pictures (@Libelog) :

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