5 steps for a successful Aliexpress order

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I’ve been asked a few times about how to access Aliexpress and shop on the website. So I decided to make a post about it, explaining all you need to know to choose the right product and how to navigate Aliexpress.

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All my orders arrive safely to Morocco and I never had any major problems with that. With my tips and tricks below, you will too become an expert at shopping at Aliexpress.com !

1. Understand Aliexpress.com’s layout

Here’s all you need to know in order for you to understand the layout of the website.

On the home screen (see image below), please pay attention to the 4 areas I highlighted in red circles. The rest of the window is secondary at this point.

1.Country / currency : You can choose whatever currency you wish, BUT please know that if you choose a currency different than your bank account’s, you might be charged with additional fees.

2.Language : I prefer to navigate the Global Aliexpress site in english because all the other languages are automatic translations.

3.Dashboard : in this menu, you can access all the information about your profile, your orders and everything related to your account.

4.Search bar : you will find below all the information needed to understand how to conduct a successful search on Aliexpress.

2. How to search (and find !) the right product on Aliexpress

Whenever you type a word in the search bar, Aliexpress gives you 3 main informations.

1.Key-word in blue : words you have previously searched for.

2.Text in gray : They are categories on the website. Therefore you may specify for the key-word, which category you want Aliexpress to explore.

3.Number of search results : for all other words suggested by Aliexpress, you can see how many results there are.

Order and filter the search results:

Now that you have searched for the key-words you are interested in, here’s an explanation on the 2 options I find the most useful :

1.Free delivery : you can select this if you want to explore only the products that have no shipping fees

2.Filter the results : I recommend sorting the search results by the number of orders. Because the first results you’ll get, are the ones that were ordered the most therefore you will see how many customers are happy with their purchase .

Read and understand the search results :

When you hover over the search results, you will see this type of box :

1.Description of the product with a list of key-words

2.Number of pieces you are going to get (in this picture it’s 1.06$ / pair)

3.Evaluation score and number of orders

4.Evaluation of the seller

5.Add to wish list : I recommend using this feature whenever you can, because it lets you compare products and have a record of the most interesting finds on the website.


3. Make sense of the description page

The description page is filled with tons of information that makes it easy for you to decide if this product is right for you. Here’s what it looks like :

1.Description : take your time in reading all the key words in this description because it gives you a valuable information about what you are paying for

2.Evaluation score and number of orders : higher is the score, more successful the transaction will be

3.Number of pieces : what you pay for (1 or more pieces, pair, lot of 5, 10, 100 …)

4.Color : if it’s available, you will find a list of colors OR models to choose from

5.Shipping fees  and estimated delivery time

6.Number of units you want to buy

7.Total price : includes the price of the selected product (or color, size, …) in addition to shipping fees

8.Button to buy the selected product

9.Add to wish list feature.

4. Read and decode the feedbacks section

The feedback you leave on what you ordered, and what other buyers input after purchase is a precious information. To go through them there are a few options you can use on Aliexpress :

1.Statistics : Number of orders, of votes, and average score. You can also see how many people voted for each score.

2.Filter options : you can choose to see all feedback or only a select few. For example : selecting “with pictures” show you feedbacks that have pictures attached to them. Which is awesome because you will see what the product REALLY looks like.

3.Reviews from your own country : By enabling this, you will see only the reviews of people from your country

4.Country of the buyer : this is valuable especially when there’s a somewhat negative feedback but it was because of holidays in the delivery country and the parcel got delayed. The seller has very little control over the shipping.

5.Reviews : comments written by buyers (automatically translated by the website)

5. Compare and decide

My last piece of advice and the one that I find the most important is : TAKE YOUR TIME. When you find a product you are interested in, add it to your wish list and go see if you can find the same one for a cheaper price or another seller that has a higher feedback score. By comparing products, you ensure that you only get the best of the best !

One more thing : don’t trust the pictures provided by sellers, they can be copied from other places on the internet. Make sure that you see the pictures in the feedback section because they are uploaded by buyers like yourself.

And there you go, these were the 5 steps to take for a successful Aliexpress shopping experience. Please like my facebook page for more on the subject 🙂

Thanks for visiting my blog ! See you around here very soon …